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Free Restroom Cleaning!

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Restroom Supplies

61% of respondents employed a variety of strategies to avoid touching faucets, dispensers, or other restroom surfaces — including using paper towels to touch faucets and door handles, dispensing paper towels with elbows or wrists, and flushing with their feet.

At Clarus we provide all the products and services your restroom needs — paper towels, tissue, air fresheners, soaps and sanitizers. We also install and maintain dispensers so you can be confident they are always working. We deliver the next day, or, if you prefer, our Service Representative will check your restroom inventory and provide you with the products you need on a regular schedule.

We specialize in making your restroom "touch free" with hands-free paper towel dispensers, flushers, Xlerator hand dryers, soap dispensers, and feminine hygiene disposal units. Your employees, customers, and guests will appreciate your concern for their health.

paper productsPaper towels — Electronic touch free towel dispensers as well as a variety of Centerpull, M-fold, C-fold and Kitchen Roll Towels

tissuesTissue — High capacity tissue and dual tissue dispensers ensure you never run out, prevent pilferage, and keep paper covered and sanitary.

air freshenersAir Fresheners — Serviced every 28 days by Clarus so your restroom is always fresh smelling.

feminine hygieneFeminine Hygiene — Touch-free bins are replaced by Clarus on a scheduled visit.

hand careHand Care — Liquid and Foam soaps in a variety of dispensers plus Grit soaps for industrial users.

hand dryersHigh Speed Hand Dryers — Eliminate towels and towel waste on the floor with Xcelerator hand dryers installed and maintained by Clarus.

auto flushersTouch-Free Auto Flushers — Ensure urinals and commodes are always flushed and fresh. Installed and maintained by Clarus.

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