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Free Restroom Cleaning!

Let us come show you how we can make your restroom cleaner and healthier.





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Restroom Services

39% of people believe they are most likely to pick up other people's germ in a public restroom.

Restrooms represent 5% of the square footage of a building and 50% of the complaints.

Your customers, visitors, and employees use a public restroom 4-7 times daily. During those visits 20% of the towel dispensers they encounter will be empty, 40% of the soap dispensers will be empty, and over 50% of the toilet seats will be dirty. Your restroom is an opportunity to make an impression on your customers and employees and reflect your company's attention to quality and service.

Cleaning Services
Don't need janitorial service but don't want to clean the restroom either? Relying on restroom cleaning to be someone's "other job" when their shift ends? Clarus restroom cleaning and Deep Clean℠ services ensure your restroom are clean and healthy, your customers are happy, and your employees are focused on the work they were hired to do.

Restroom Supplies
If your restroom needs it, we deliver it — towels, tissue, soap, sanitizers, air fresheners , seat covers and more. Let us improve the hygiene of your restroom with touch-free towel dispensers, flushers, soap dispensers, and no-touch feminine hygiene bins.

Serving Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Northern Virginia, Petersburg, Colonial Heights

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