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How will my new cooler be installed?
We install our water coolers using highly reliable, food-grade polyethylene tubing and quick-connect fittings. Every cooler installation is slightly different, but a typical installation involves putting a "T" under the sink in the kitchen, then running the filtered water line to the back of the cooler. In cases where the water coolers are not located in the kitchen, we'll run the water lines over the dropped ceilings and inside the wall. We'll then cut a small hole in the wall behind the cooler, put a color-matched wall cover plate on it, and connect the water line to the back of the cooler. Our installations are similar to how your phone or computer lines have been run throughout your office, and take about an hour to install.

My cooler isn't near a water source...
Clarus installers and service technicians are professionally trained to install coolers virtually anywhere in your building or facility. We're not limited to installations in kitchens or break rooms or near water lines. Whether it's in a meeting or class room, office, lobby or reception area, your Clarus installers and service technicians can install your cooler anywhere you want it, anywhere you need it - even if that is 200 feet from the nearest water source.

Have a large warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility? Clarus has installed water filtrations systems throughout facilities that are 800,000+ square feet and have 50-foot ceilings and cooler locations that are 500 feet apart.

What's included in my service?
Everything you need to enjoy healthy water in your workplace is included in our low monthly rates: installation, filter changes, UV light replacements, scheduled maintenance and any service calls. We're family owned and located right here in Central Virginia. Our commitment to serving this community is unparalleled.

Who is innowave®?
Clarus Pure Water Services is an Authorized innowave® Dealer. Since its founding in 1996, innowave® was a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha. Recently it was acquired by Waterlogic International, the worldwide leader in the manufacture and distribution of point-of-use water coolers. What that means to Clarus customers is that we are partnered with a company focused solely on developing and supporting the best water purification technologies for the workplace.

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